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Petya Ransomware a Front for State Cyberattack

The recently released and poorly constructed variant of the Petya ransomware, was not designed to make money… so it is not by definition, ransomware. Petya is a wiper. It was designed specifically to spread quickly across the globe and completely and permanently eviscerate any machine it infects. First deployed in Russia and specifically targeting the Ukraine via MeDOC, it has…

Adobe Flash 0-Day listed in the Angler and Magnitude Exploit Kits

It’s no surprise that another vulnerability was found in Adobe Flash. The latest flaw has been branded CVE-2015-3113 and has been added to the ever growing list of vulnerabilities listed in the Angler and Magnitude exploit kits (both of which are readily available). While Adobe released an update for this exploit last week, that update is dependent on users actually…

There is a new Petya (but not really Petya) ransomware variant eviscerating machines globally...What can you do?